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Any questions concerning qualifying standards/clarifications or general information please contact us.

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INDIVIDUAL – Qualifying Requirements

If you have competed in prior years at the PA Classic you must still compete in that division or higher regardless of how many scores you have obtained – you may not move down a division.

Division Vault  Bars Beam Floor All Around
Bronze  7.75-7.99 7.00-7.99 7.50-7.99 7.75-7.99 30.00-31.99
Silver 8.00-8.49 8.00-8.49 8.00-8.49 8.00-8.49 32.00-33.99
Gold 8.50-8.99 8.50-8.99 8.50-8.99 8.50-8.99 34.00-35.99
Diamond 9.00 & up 9.00 & up 9.00 & up 9.00 & up 36.00 & up

TEAM – Qualifying Requirements

115.000 – 160.000

Teams must attain a qualifying average greater than or equal to 115.000 qualifying average to enter the championship. Team scores obtained at Invitational, Tournament & District competitions will help establish the direction of your team’s division. We will then consider the qualifying average, the ideal score and your team gymnasts individual divisions to determine the final team’s division bracket.

Form Instructions

Please type or print neatly. If you have Excel, you are able to download the forms. The formulas are entered in the spreadsheet and will calculate the averages for you.

Teams and individually qualified non-team gymnasts (independents) will need to submit the Cover Sheet & Individual Registration form. Teams will also need to complete the Team Tracker/Registration form.

Take the median score (middle score) and average it with the high score on that event. This is the gymnast’s qualifying score for that event. Use the same process for team score.

Individual Entry Forms – If using Excel - Gymnast 1 remains gymnast 1 and her name and qualifying average(s) will automatically transfer onto the Individual Entry Form from the Event Tracker form. The Individual Event Tracker form will record the entire season for each gymnast and transfer the information onto the entry form. You may also use blank forms and do the calculations by hand.

Team Entry Form – If using Excel - The top section of the form is the Team Tracker and will calculate the team’s qualifying average. The bottom portion is where you designate your gymnasts for the team competition. Enter the gymnast’s qualifying scores on the events he/she will compete for your team. You may list up to seven competitors per event (they do not have to be all around). At the competition five will be competing for your team score. If you use a gymnast in your team lineup that did not qualify individually on that event(s), she is still able to compete for your team – designate her as “TO” – team only competitor.

Division Determination Section – for all around gymnasts, total the event qualifying scores and refer to the individual division chart (do not average the gymnast’s all around scores). For specialists, total the event qualifying scores for the events on which he/she will compete, and divide by the number of events on which he/she will compete.

*Example – A gymnast is a specialist on vault, beam and floor. Total her event qualifying scores (8.425 + 7.500 + 7.825 = 23.75) and divide by 3 (the number of events in which she will specialize) this equals 7.9167. She will compete in the bronze division on all three events as there is no mixing of divisions.

Gym Hours

  • Friday : 4:00pm – 9:00pm

  • Saturday : 8:00am – 7:00pm